Command – Mits’vah

The word “command”, as well as “commandment”, are used to “translate” the Hebrew word “mits’vah” but does not properly convey “the meaning of mits’vah”.

The word “command” implies “words of force or power” as a “General commands his troops”.

The word “mits’vah” is better understood “as a directive”.

To “see the picture” painted by this word, it is helpful to “look at a related word”, “tsiyon” (which is also the name Zion) meaning “a desert or a landmark”.

The “Ancient Hebrews” were a “nomadic people” who “traveled the deserts” in search of “green pastures for their flocks”.

A nomad uses “the various rivers, mountains, rock outcroppings, etc” as “landmarks” to give them their “direction”.

The “verbal root of mits’vah and tsiyon” is “tsavah” meaning “to direct one on a journey”.

The “mits’vah of the Bible” are “not commands”, or “rules and regulations”, they are “directives or landmarks” that we look for “to guide us”.

Strong’s: #4687 –

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