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The Hebrew word “yom” (Strong’s #3117) means a “day”.

But not specifically “a twenty-four hour period” but instead more generically like in “a day that something occurs”.

An example would be:

“a day of the month” (Genesis 8:4)

“in that day Yahweh made a covenant” (Genesis 15:18)

“until the day” (Genesis 19:37).

This word can also refer to:

“the light part of the day in contrast to night” (Genesis 1:5 ; Exodus 13:21).

The related word “yomam” (Strong’s #3119) specifically means “daytime” as in Job 5:14.

This word can be used for a time, age or season, but that is only when this word is in the plural form, which is “yamim”.

In my opinion should simply be translated as “days” and not “time, age or season” as this can lead to “incorrect interpretations” of the text.

The word “hayom” is the word “yom” with the prefix “ha” added and it literally means “the day” but we would translate it as “today”

Strong’s: #3117 – – #3119 –

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