Eternity – Olam

Hebrew words used for “space” are also used for “time”.

The Hebrew word “qedem” means “east” but is also the same word for the “past”.

The Hebrew word “olam” literally means “beyond the horizon”.

When “looking off in the far distance” it is “difficult to make out any details” and “what is beyond that horizon cannot be seen”.

This concept is the “olam”.

The word “olam” is also used for “time for the distant past” or the “distant future as a time” that is “difficult to know or perceive”.

This word is frequently translated as “eternity” meaning a “continual span of time that never ends”.

In the “Hebrew mind” it is simply “what is at or beyond the horizon”or “a very distant time”.

A common phrase in the Hebrew is “l’olam va’ed” and is usually translated as “forever and ever”.

In the Hebrew it means “to the distant horizon and again” meaning “a very distant time and even further”.

Strong’s: #5769 –

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