You have perhaps been encouraged lately to do whatever you must to “get along” with those around you in the world who have differing opinions. The concern is that if you voice your strong convictions you will encourage hostility and enmity with those who view things differently. What is enmity, and what do the ancient prophetic scriptures say about it?


Sagar Bead

Will there be a price to pay for the rebellion and chaos that is so prevalent in our world today? Are there moral standards that have been ignored? Is wrath being stored to be unleashed upon those who have violated the moral code given by God? Can any similar circumstances be found in past Biblical history that will answer this for us?


Binah Eth

How does one make sense of all the chaos that our world is currently experiencing? Is there anyone with understanding who can give us answers to the problems we face and provide the leadership we so obviously need? Were there any leaders in the Ancient Prophetic Scriptures that could provide examples for us to emulate?