Grace – Faith – Obedience

What is grace… What is faith… What is obedience… And to make matters more complicated, how do they all relate to each other… Are they against each other like some teach, or do they work together in His perfect design… Instead of examining each component individually, this study investigates the relationships in detail as scripture teaches it. This study covers material that offers critical scriptural understanding that needs to be a part of every believer’s walk.

What is the Gospel Part 2

Have you really heard the WHOLE gospel? What is the Gospel? There are many responses you will get if you randomly ask this question. The popular Christian definition of the gospel is the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. Then, there is the gospel of the kingdom which John the Baptist and Christ himself preached. Also the book of Revelation refers to the end-time preaching of the eternal gospel. What are these gospels, and what are the similarities and differences between them? And Paul speaks of the mystery of the gospel…which the majority today still do not understand…These and other questions will be answered in this study.