יהוה Strong’s #3068 YHWH

These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that YHWH God made earth and heaven.

Genesis 2:4

The Names of YHWH

Yhvh: the proper name of the God of Israel

Yhvh: God

Yhvh Yireh: YHWH will see it

Yhvh Nissi: YHWH is our banner

Yhvh Tsidqenu: YHWH is our righteousness

Yhvh Shalom: YHWH is our peace

Yhvh Shammah: YHWH is our thither

Yehozabad: YHWH has bestowed

Yehochanan: YHWH has been gracious

Yehoyada: YHWH knows

Yehoyakin: YHWH appoints

Yehoyaqim: YHWH raises up

Yehoyarib: YHWH contends

Yehukal: YHWH is able

Yehonadab: YHWH is noble

Yehonathan: YHWH has given

Yehoaddah: YHWH has adorned

Yehoaddin or Yehoaddan: YHWH delights

Yehotsadaq: YHWH is righteous

Yehoram: YHWH is exalted

Yehosheba: YHWH is our oath

Yehoshua: YHWH is our salvation

Yehoshaphat: YHWH has judged

Yoab: YHWH is our father

Yoach: YHWH is our brother

Yoel: YHWH is God

Yozakar: YHWH has remembered

Yokebed: YHWH is our glory

Yah: the name of the God of Israel

Virtually all translations from Judaism and Christianity use “the LORD” for the Hebrew name of God: YHWH. The original pronunciation of the name can never be determined with complete accuracy, but in Hebraic thought, it is the meaning of a name that is more important than its pronunciation. The Hebrew YHWH is the verb hawah meaning “to exist” with the prefix y meaning “he.” Therefore, the word YHWH means “he exists.” YHWH is the one who exists everywhere every time.

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