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( בר ) Action: Feed, Fly, Fatten, Divide, Eat, Kneel, Thrust, Kneel Object: Grain, Soap, Wing, Pit, Fat, Meat, Palace, Warrior, Cypress, Sword, Knee Abstract: Covenant, Prevail Definition: The plant families of grains such as wheat and barley have a cluster of seeds at the top of the stalk called “heads”. These grains were used for food for both man and livestock. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of a tent but also represents the family which resides inside the tent. The is a picture of a head. Combined these have the meaning of “family of heads”.

( masc., בר / bar ) Translation: GRAIN Definition: A seed or fruit of a cereal grass. The grain and the field as a place for growing grain. Relationship to Root: Grains grown in fields were used for meal to make flour as well as feed for livestock. The stalks of the grains were burned to make potash for making soap. What is cleaned with soap becomes white or bright. Edenics: barley – a grain; beer – made from grain; boar – as fat; barn – grain storage; pure – as clean with soap with an exchange for the p and b KJV Translations: corn, wheat, field Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1250 Aramaic Definition: In Aramaic this word means a “field” as the place of grain. Strong’s Aramaic #: a.1251

( masc., ברבור / bar-bur ) Translation: FOWL Definition: [To be verified] Birds fattened on the grains in the field. KJV Translations: fowl Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1257

( ברר ) Definition: The stalks of the grains were burned to make potash for making soap.

( common, ברר ) Translation: CLEAN (V) Definition: [To be verified] The cleaning or polishing of something to make it bright or pure. May also mean “choice” in the sense of being clean or pure. KJV Translations: pure, choice, chosen, clean, clearly, manifest, bright, purge out, polished, purge, purified Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1305

( masc., ברר / ba-rar ) Translation: CLEAN Definition: [To be verified] Cleanliness from soap. Also pure as a moral cleanliness. Alternate Spellings: בר KJV Translations: clean, pure, clear Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1249

( אבר ) Definition: The fowl, fed on grain, becomes strong for the long flight.

( common, אבר ) Translation: SOAR (V) KJV Translations: fly Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0082

( masc., אבר ) Translation: LONG.WINGED Definition: A large appendage of a bird used for flight. KJV Translations: wing, winged Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0083

( fem., אברה ) Translation: FEATHER Definition: The principle covering of birds. KJV Translations: features, wing Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0084

( masc., אביר / a-vir ) Translation: VALIANT Definition: Possessing or acting with bravery or boldness. The mighty power of a bird in flight. Anything or anyone of great mental or physical strength. KJV Translations: might, bulls, strong, mighty, stouthearted, valiant, angels, chiefest Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0046, h.0047

( באר )

( common, באר / b.a.r ) Translation: EXPLAIN (V) Definition: To provide a meaning. KJV Translations: plain, plainly, declare Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0874

( ברא ) Definition: Grain is fed to the livestock making them fat or full.

( common, ברא / b.r.a ) Translation: FATTEN (V) Definition: To make more substantial, fleshy or plump; to fill up. The filling of the earth in Genesis 1 with the sun, moon, plants and animals. The filling of man with breath and the image of God. KJV Translations: create, creator, choose, make, cut down, dispatch, done, fat Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1254

( masc., בריא / ba-ri ) ( fem., בריאה ) Translation: FED.FAT Definition: A member of the livestock that has been fed grains to fatten it for the slaughter. KJV Translations: fat, rank, firm, fatter, fed, plenteous, new thing Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1277, h.1278

( הבר )

( common, הבר ) Translation: DIVIDE (V) KJV Translations: astrologer Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1895

( בהר ) Definition: What is cleaned with soap becomes white or bright.

( fem., בהרת ) Translation: BLISTER Definition: A thin sac or cyst on the skin, containing watery matter or serum, as from a burn or other injury; a possible sign of leprosy. KJV Translations: bright spot Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0934

( masc., בהיר ) Translation: BRIGHT KJV Translations: bright Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0925

( ברה ) Definition: The grain is used as food for man or livestock. Livestock fed grains become fat and are the choicest for slaughter.

( common, ברה ) Translation: SELECT (V) Definition: [To be verified] To choose in the sense of choosing the best piece of meat. KJV Translations: eat, choose, give Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1262

( fem., ברות ) Translation: MEAT Definition: [To be verified] The choicest meats are those from fatted livestock. KJV Translations: meat Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1267

( fem., ברית / be-rit ) Translation: COVENANT Definition: A solemn and binding agreement between two or more parties especially for the performance of some action. Often instituted through a sacrifice. KJV Translations: covenant, league, confederacy, confederate Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1285

( masc., בריה / be’rih ) Translation: FATTENED Definition: [To be verified] Livestock that are fed grains become fat. KJV Translations: fat Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1274

( fem., ביריה ) Translation: MEAT KJV Translations: meat Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1279

( בור )

( masc., בור ) Translation: CLEAN KJV Translations: cleanness, pureness, never Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1252, h.1253

( fem., בורית ) Translation: SOAP KJV Translations: soap Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1287

( ביר )

( fem., בירה ) Translation: PALACE KJV Translations: palace Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1002 Strong’s Aramaic #: a.1001

( fem., בירנית ) Translation: CASTLE KJV Translations: castle Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1003

( ברך ) Definition: The bending at the knee to drink from a pond or present a gift. Relationship to Parent: as a filling with a gift; with the letter kaph, the full meaning being “to fill the palm”.

( common, ברך / b.r.k ) Translation: KNEEL (V) Definition: To bend the knee, to kneel in homage or to kneel down to get a drink water. Alternate Translations: respect (when written in the piel [intensive] form) KJV Translations: bless, salute, curse, blaspheme, praise, kneel, congratulate Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1288 Strong’s Aramaic #: a.1289

( masc., ברך / be-rekh ) Translation: KNEE Definition: The joint between the femur and tibia of the leg. KJV Translations: knee Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1290 Strong’s Aramaic #: a.1291

( fem., ברכה / be-ra-khah ) Translation: PRESENT Definition: A gift given to another in respect as if on bended knee. Also, a pool of water as a place where one kneels down to drink from. KJV Translations: blessing, blessed, present, liberal, pool, fishpool Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1293, h.1295

( masc., אברך / av-reykh ) Translation: BEND.THE.KNEE Definition: A kneeling down, often as a sign of respect to another. KJV Translations: knee Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0086

( ברק ) Definition: The shining flash of a sword as it is thrust. Relationship to Parent: being bright

( common, ברק ) Translation: THRUST (V) Definition: [To be verified] To thrust a sword or throw lightning bolts. KJV Translations: cast Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1299

( masc., ברק / ba-raq ) Translation: FLASH Definition: The bright light shining off the edge of a sword. The bright light of lightning. KJV Translations: lightning, glittering, bright, glitter, sword Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1300

( fem., ברקת / ba-re-qet ) Translation: EMERALD Definition: “Possibly the Emerald, a green variety of Beryl. The Hebrew word is from a root meaning to flash or shimmer, while the Septuagint uses Smaragdos meaning a green stone. Other possible translations are Beryl or Quartz. ” KJV Translations: carbuncle Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1304

( masc., ברקן ) Translation: THORN.QUILL Definition: [To be verified] As a sharp sword. KJV Translations: brier Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1303

( ברש ) Relationship to Parent: as a choice wood

( masc., ברוש ) Translation: CYPRESS Definition: [To be verified] The tree or the wood. Alternate Spellings: ברות KJV Translations: fir Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1265, h.1266

( גבר ) Definition: One of great strength (warrior) or authority (master). Relationship to Parent: great strength

( common, גבר / g.b.r ) Translation: OVERCOME (V) Definition: To get the better of. Be successful in strength or authority. KJV Translations: prevail, strengthen, great, confirm, exceed, mighty, put, strong, valiant Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1396

( masc., גבר / ge-ver ) Translation: WARRIOR Definition: One of great strength in battle, such as a warrior. One who is strong in authority, such as a master. KJV Translations: man, mighty, every Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1397, h.1399 Strong’s Aramaic #: a.1400

( fem., גברת / ge-ve-ret ) Translation: FEMALE.OWNER Definition: A female master overseeing slaves or servants. KJV Translations: mistress, lady Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1404

( masc., גביר / ge-vir ) Translation: OWNER Definition: Possessor of an article or property. KJV Translations: lord Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1376

( fem., גבירה ) Translation: MISTRESS KJV Translations: queen Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1377

( fem., גבורה / ge-vo-rah ) Translation: BRAVERY Definition: An act of defending one’s property, convictions or beliefs. Control through physical strength. KJV Translations: might, strength, power, mighty, force, mastery Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1369 Strong’s Aramaic #: a.1370

( masc., גיבר ) Translation: MIGHTY KJV Translations: mighty Strong’s Aramaic #: a.1401

( masc., גיבור / gi-bor ) Translation: COURAGEOUS Definition: Having or characterized by mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear or difficulty. KJV Translations: mighty, strong, valiant, upright, champion, chief, excel, giant Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1368

( עבר ) Definition: The crossing over or passing through a land or water to gain access to the side beyond. Relationship to Parent: filling a land

( common, עבר / ah.b.r ) Translation: CROSS.OVER (V) Definition: To pass from one side to the other; to go across a river or through a land; to transgress in the sense of crossing over. KJV Translations: over, pass, through, go, away Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5668, h.5674 Strong’s Aramaic #: a.5675

( masc., עבר / ey-ver ) Translation: OTHER.SIDE Definition: As being across from this side. Edenics: over; ford – with the exchange of the f and b; ferry KJV Translations: over, pass, through, go, away Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5676

( fem., עברה / ev-rah ) Translation: WRATH Definition: Strong vengeful anger. As crossing over from peace. KJV Translations: wrath, rage, anger Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5678, h.5679

( masc., עברון / ev-ron ) ( fem., עברונה / ev-ro-nah ) Translation: CROSSING.ONE Definition: One who passes over or through. KJV Translations: n/a Strong’s Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., מעבר / ma-a-var ) Translation: CROSSING Definition: A place or structure as on a street or over a river where pedestrians or vehicles pass from one side to the other. In the river for crossing. KJV Translations: ferry Strong’s Hebrew #: h.4569

( masc., עבור / a-vur ) Translation: GRAIN KJV Translations: corn Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5669

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