A Lifting High of Something









( גה ) Action: Lift, Heal Object: Medicine Abstract: Pride Definition: A lifting high of something. Relationships: This root is related to גא and גו.

( גאה ) Definition: The lifting up of something or oneself.

( common, גאה / g.a.h ) Translation: RISE.UP (V) Definition: To lift or grow up high. KJV Translations: triumph, risen, grow up, increase Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1342

( masc., גאה ) Translation: PROUD Definition: [To be verified] One who lifts himself up. KJV Translations: proud Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1343

( הגה )

( common, הגה ) Translation: LIFT.OUT (V) Definition: [To be verified] To lift something out of something else. KJV Translations: take away, stayed Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1898

( גהה ) Definition: The lifting of an illness.

( common, גהה ) Translation: HEAL (V) KJV Translations: cure Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1455

( fem., גהה ) Translation: MEDICINE KJV Translations: medicine Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1456

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