A Store of Material Possessions









( גד ) Action: Slice, Band, Invade, Magnify Object: Bunch, Riverbank, Company, Band, Sinew, Coriander, Rope.

( masc., גד / gad ) Translation: FORTUNE Definition: A store of material possessions. Relationship to Root: A seed cut out of the plant. A prized spice. KJV Translations: troop Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1409

( masc., גד / gad ) Translation: CORIANDER Definition: A class of plants with seeds which are in the form of the size of a peppercorn. They are used medicinally and as a spice. Likened to the manna in its form and color. KJV Translations: coriander Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1407

( masc., גדגד / gid-gad ) ( fem., גודגודה / gud-go-dah ) Translation: FORTUNES Definition: Great wealth; ample stock of money, property, and the like. KJV Translations: n/a Strong’s Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( גדד )

( common, גדד / g.d.d ) Translation: BAND (V) Definition: To gather or assemble together as a group for attacking or raiding. KJV Translations: gather together, assemble by troop, gather Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1413

( masc., גדוד / ge-dud ) Translation: BAND Definition: A gathering of men for attacking or raiding. KJV Translations: band, troop, army, company, men Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1416

( אגד )

( fem., אגודה / a-gu-dah ) Translation: BUNCH Definition: A group of men or things bound together. KJV Translations: troop, bunch, burdens Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0092

( גדה ) Definition: The water rushing by the bank undercuts a furrow inside the bank.

( fem., גדה ) Translation: RIVERBANK KJV Translations: bank Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1415

( fem., גדיה ) Translation: RIVERBANK KJV Translations: bank Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1428

( גוד ) Definition: A group of men or things bound together.

( common, גוד / g.w.d ) Translation: INVADE (V) Definition: To enter for conquest or plunder. The slicing through of a band of men. KJV Translations: overcome, invade with troops Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1464

( גיד ) Definition: The animal’s tendon is used for making bowstrings and cords. The tendon is removed by making a slit in the flesh for its removal. The sinews are used for making cordage and bowstrings.

( masc., גיד / gid ) Translation: SINEW Definition: A tendon of the muscles. Edenics: gut – used to make cordage in the same sense as the tendon KJV Translations: sinew Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1517

( גדל ) Definition: A cord is made by twisting fibers together, the larger and more numerous the fibers, the stronger the cord will be. Anything that is large or great in size or stature. Relationship to Parent: from the twisting of sinew to make cords.

( common, גדל / g.d.l ) Translation: MAGNIFY (V) Definition: To increase in size or one’s position of honor. Edenics: great – with the exchange and reversal of the r and l and the t and d KJV Translations: magnify, great, grow, nourish Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1431

( masc., גדל / ga-deyl ) Translation: MAGNIFIED Definition: An increased significance or size. KJV Translations: grow, great Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1432

( masc., גדיל ) Translation: TASSEL Definition: An ornament consisting of twisted threads, small cords, or other strands. KJV Translations: fringe, wreath Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1434

( masc., גדול / ga-dol ) ( fem., גדולה / ge-do-lah ) Translation: GREAT Definition: Something with increased size, power or authority. KJV Translations: great, high, loud, elder, mighty Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1419

( fem., גדולה ) Translation: GREATNESS Definition: [To be verified] An increase in size power or authority. KJV Translations: greatness, great, majesty, dignity Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1420

( masc., גודל ) Translation: MAGNIFICENCE Definition: An increase in size power or authority. KJV Translations: greatness, stout, stoutness Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1433

( masc., מגדל / mig-dal ) Translation: TOWER Definition: A structure higher than its diameter and high relative to its surroundings. Place of great size. KJV Translations: tower, castle, flower, pulpit Strong’s Hebrew #: h.4026

( גדע ) Definition: A cutting down or into pieces.

( common, גדע / g.d.ah ) Translation: CUT.DOWN (V) Definition: To bring down usually by slicing, hacking or chopping. KJV Translations: cut, down, asunder Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1438

( masc., גדעון / gid-on ) Translation: HEWN.ONE Definition: What has been brough down by slicing, hacking or chopping. KJV Translations: n/a Strong’s Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( גדף ) Relationship to Parent: a slicing

( common, גדף / g.d.p ) Translation: TAUNT (V) Definition: To reproach in a sarcastic, insulting, or jeering manner; mock. KJV Translations: blaspheme, reproach Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1442

( fem., גדופה ) Translation: TAUNT KJV Translations: taunt Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1422

( masc., גידוף ) Translation: TAUNTING KJV Translations: revilings, reproaches Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1421

( מגד )

( masc., מגד ) Translation: PRECIOUS Definition: What is choice or excellent. KJV Translations: precious, pleasant Strong’s Hebrew #: h.4022

( fem., מגדנה / mig-da-nah ) Translation: ORNAMENT Definition: Something that lends grace and beauty. Precious ornaments probably with gems. KJV Translations: precious, present Strong’s Hebrew #: h.4030

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