The Back and Forth Moving of the Foot or Tail









( דג ) Action: Dart, Amplify, Fish Object: Fish, Fisherman Abstract: Anxiety Definition: The darting around of fish. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the tent door which is a curtain hung over the entrance of the tent. To gain entrance to the tent or to leave, the curtain moved back and forth. Also, the door is used for moving back and forth from the tent to the outside. The is a representation of a foot. The combined meaning of these two letters is “the back and forth moving of the foot (or tail)”. The tail of a fish moves back and forth to propel itself through the water.

( masc., דג / dag ) ( fem., דגה / da-gah ) Translation: FISH Definition: An aquatic animal. Only fish with scales and fins are considered fit for food (clean). Alternate Spellings: דאג Edenics: dog – as a waging tail KJV Translations: fish Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1709, h.1710

( masc., דגן / da-gan ) Translation: CEREAL Definition: Relating to grain or plants that produce it. A plentiful crop. KJV Translations: wheat, cereal, grain, corn Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1715

( דאג ) Definition: The back and forth darting of a fish in the water.

( common, דאג ) Translation: ANXIOUS (V) Definition: [To be verified] An anxious behavior like a fish darting in the water. KJV Translations: afraid, sorrow, sorry, careful, take thought Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1672

( fem., דאגה ) Translation: ANXIETY Definition: [To be verified] An anxious behavior like a fish darting in the water. KJV Translations: carefulness, fear, heaviness, sorrow, care Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1674

( דגה ) Definition: As an abundant amount of fish in a net.

( common, דגה / d.g.h ) Translation: AMPLIFY (V) Definition: To expand, multiply or increase. KJV Translations: grow Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1711

( דוג ) Definition: One who catches fish and his equipment.

( masc., דוג ) Translation: FISHERMAN KJV Translations: fisher Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1728

( fem., דוגה ) Translation: FISHING KJV Translations: fish Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1729

( דיג )

( masc., דיג ) Translation: FISH KJV Translations: fish, fisher Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1770, h.1771

( דדן )

( masc., דדן ) Translation: LOW.COUNTRY Definition: A land that is below the general area. Alternate Spellings: דודן KJV Translations: n/a Strong’s Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

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