Two Danglers Representing a Woman’s Breasts









( דד ) Action: Move, Boil Object: Breasts, Pot Abstract: Passion Definition: The part of the female body invoking heat of passion and love. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of the tent door which hangs down from the top of the tent entrance. The use of this letter twice indicates “two danglers” representing a woman’s breasts.

( masc., דד ) Translation: TEAT Definition: The protuberance on the udder in female mammals, through which the milk ducts discharge. Edenics: udder; dad – as beloved; teat – a double exchange for a t and d KJV Translations: breast, teat Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1717

( דדה ) Definition: The grace and beauty of the breast.

( common, דדה ) Translation: MOVE (V) Definition: [To be verified] The graceful and soft movement of a woman. KJV Translations: went, go slowly Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1718

( דוד ) Definition: The boiling of a liquid in a pot or the passion of a person for another.

( masc., דוד / dod ) Translation: BELOVED Definition: One who is cherished by another. Alternate Translations: uncle KJV Translations: beloved, uncle, love, wellbeloved Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1730

( masc., דוד / dud ) Translation: KETTLE KJV Translations: basket, pot, kettle, caldron Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1731

( fem., דודה / do-dah ) Translation: AUNT Definition: The sister of one’s father or mother. One who is loved. KJV Translations: aunt Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1733

( ידד ) Definition: The passion of a person for another.

( masc., ידיד ) Translation: CHERISHED Definition: One held or treated as dear; feel love for. Relationship to Root: As one who is loved. KJV Translations: beloved, wellbeloved, loves, amiable Strong’s Hebrew #: h.3039

( fem., ידידות ) Translation: PASSION KJV Translations: dearly beloved Strong’s Hebrew #: h.3033

( דדי )

( masc., דודי / du-dai ) Translation: MANDRAKES Definition: A plant boiled as an aphrodisiac. KJV Translations: mandrake, basket Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1736

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