Push – Thrust – Slander









( דף ) Action: Push, Thrust Abstract: Slander.

( הדף ) Definition: To push, shove or thrust another away.

( common, הדף / h.d.p ) Translation: EXPEL (V) Definition: To drive or force out or away; discharge or eject. KJV Translations: thrust, drive, cast out, expel Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1920

( דוף )

( masc., דופי ) Translation: SLANDER KJV Translations: slander Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1848

( דפק ) Definition: As a knocking at a door.

( common, דפק / d.p.q ) Translation: BEAT.OUT (V) Definition: To strike something with a sharp blow. KJV Translations: overdrive, knock, beat Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1849

( שדף ) Definition: A destruction of a crop from a scorching wind.

( common, שדף / sh.d.p ) Translation: BLAST (V) Definition: To blow heavily. KJV Translations: blasted Strong’s Hebrew #: h.7710

( fem., שדפה ) Translation: BLASTING Definition: A strong devastating wind. KJV Translations: blasting Strong’s Hebrew #: h.7711(x2)

( masc., שידפון ) Translation: BLASTED Definition: [To be verified] What is blasted by a strong devastating wind. KJV Translations: blasted Strong’s Hebrew #: h.7711(x2)

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