Adding Something out of Desire

( או ) Action: Point Abstract: Desire Definition: This root has the idea of adding something out of desire. Relationships: This root is closely related to the root אה. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph , replacing the , is a peg representing the idea of attaching something.

( fem., אוה / a-wat ) Translation: DESIRE Definition: What is good or bad, that is lusted after. KJV Translations: desire, lust after, pleasure Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0185

( masc., או / o ) Translation: OR Definition: An alternative or optional desire. Alternate Translations: whether Edenics: or – with an added r KJV Translations: also, and, desire, either, least, nor, or, otherwise, should, then, whether Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0176

( masc., אוי ) Translation: OH Definition: A passionate cry of desire. KJV Translations: woe, alas Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0188

( fem., אויה ) Translation: WOE Definition: [To be verified] A passionate cry of desire. KJV Translations: woe Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0190

( masc., און / a-wen ) Translation: BARRENNESS Definition: Action or thought that is vain or for an improper purpose. KJV Translations: iniquity, wicked, vanity, affliction, mischief, unrighteous Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0205

( masc., מאוי ) Translation: COVETING Definition: [To be verified] What is desired. KJV Translations: desires Strong’s Hebrew #: h.3970

( masc., תאון / te-un ) Translation: TOIL Definition: [To be verified] An exhaustive work. KJV Translations: lies Strong’s Hebrew #: h.8383

( אוה )

( common, אוה ) Translation: POINT (V) Definition: [To be verified] To point out what is desired. KJV Translations: point Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0184

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