Nostrils are for Breathing

( אף ) Action: Bake, Snort Object: Nose, Hot, Oven, Breath Abstract: Anger, Adultery Definition: The nostrils (holes) are for breathing. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph represents strength. The is a picture of the mouth and represents any type of hole.

( masc., אף / aph ) Translation: NOSE Definition: The organ bearing the nostrils on the anterior of the face. Also meaning anger from the flaring of the nostrils and the redness of the nose when angry. Relationship to Root: The nostrils of man flares when he breathes heavy in passion or anger. Alternate Translations: nostrils (when in the double plural form) KJV Translations: anger, wrath, face, nostrils, nose, angry Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0639

( common, אף / aph ) Translation: MOREOVER Definition: In addition to what has been said. KJV Translations: before, also, even, yet, moreover, yea, with, low, therefore, much, before, also, even, yet, moreover, yea, with, low, therefore, much Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0637 Strong’s Aramaic #: a.0638

( אפה ) Definition: A heat for baking. The heat of anger.

( common, אפה / a.p.h ) Translation: BAKE (V) Definition: To cook using dry heat, especially in an oven. KJV Translations: bake, baker Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0644

( masc., מאפה ) Translation: BAKED Definition: What is cooked in a dry heat such as an oven. KJV Translations: baken Strong’s Hebrew #: h.3989

( אוף ) Definition: The heat of passion. The heating of foods.

( masc., תאופין ) Translation: COOKED Definition: A food that is heated in or over a fire to heat it or make it edible. Alternate Spellings: תפין KJV Translations: baken Strong’s Hebrew #: h.8601

( איף )

( fem., איפה / ey-phah ) Translation: EYPHAH Definition: A dry standard of measure equal to 3 se’ahs or 10 omers. The same as the liquid measure bath which is about 9 imperial gallons or 40 liters. KJV Translations: ephah, measure Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0374

( אנף ) Relationship to Parent: the nose as a breathing of the nose

( common, אנף / a.n.p ) Translation: SNORT (V) Definition: A heavy breathing through the nose out of anger. KJV Translations: angry, displeased Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0599

( masc., אנף ) Translation: SNOUT Definition: [To be verified] As the face. (Only used in the masculine plural form) KJV Translations: face, visage Strong’s Aramaic #: a.0600

( fem., אנפה ) Translation: HERON Definition: A bird with a large beak (nose). Probably the heron. KJV Translations: heron Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0601

( נאף ) Relationship to Parent: heated passion

( common, נאף / n.a.p ) Translation: COMMIT.ADULTERY (V) Definition: To perform voluntary violation of the marriage bed. KJV Translations: adultery, adulterer, adulteress, adulterous, break wedlock Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5003

( masc., ניאוף ) Translation: ADULTERY KJV Translations: adulteries Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5004

( masc., נאפוף ) Translation: ADULTERY KJV Translations: adulteries Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5005

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