Strong Liquid

( אם ) Action: Bind Object: Glue, Mother, Arm, Tribe, Pillar Abstract: Firm Definition: Glue was made by placing the hides and other animal parts of slaughtered animals in a pot of boiling water. As the hide boiled, a thick sticky substance formed at the surface of the water. This substance was removed and used as a binding agent. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph represents strength. The is water or any other liquid. Combined these pictographs mean “strong liquid”.

( fem., אם / eym ) Translation: MOTHER Definition: A female parent. Maternal tenderness or affection. One who fulfills the role of a mother. Relationship to Root: The arm that holds things together. The arm is seen as glue that encircles and holds together. A cubit was the length of the arm from elbow to fingertip. The mother of the family is the one who binds the family together by holding in her arms and by the work of her arms. KJV Translations: mother, dam Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0517

( fem., אמה / a-mah ) Translation: BONDWOMAN Definition: A female slave. One who is bound to another. KJV Translations: handmaid, maidservant, maid, bondwoman, bondmaids Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0519

( masc., אמון ) Translation: CRAFTSMAN Definition: [To be verified] An architect or artisan who uses the cubit for measuring. KJV Translations: multitude, populace Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0527

( אמם ) Definition: The arm that holds things together.

( fem., אמה / am-mah ) Translation: FOREARM Definition: A linear standard of measure equal to the length of the forearm. Edenics: arm – with the addition of the r sound KJV Translations: cubit, measure, post Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0520

( אום ) Definition: A binding together.

( fem., אומה / u-mah ) Translation: TRIBE Definition: A social group consisting of numerous families, clans or generations together. A family lineage as bound together. KJV Translations: people, nation Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0523 Strong’s Aramaic #: a.0524

( אים )

( masc., אים / im ) Translation: IF Definition: Allowing that; on condition that. A desire to bind two ideas together. Alternate Translations: or; that KJV Translations: if, not, or, when, whether, doubtless, while, neither, saving Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0518

( אמן ) Definition: From the firmness of the plant that comes out from the seed. Something that grabs hold or supports something else. The passing of strength or skill to the next generation.

( common, אמן / a.m.n ) Translation: SECURE (V) Definition: Solidly fixed in place; to stand firm in the sense of a support. Not subject to change or revision. Alternate Translations: support (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) KJV Translations: believe, assurance, faithful, sure, establish, trust, verify, steadfast, continuance, father, bring up, nurse, stand, fail Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0539 Strong’s Aramaic #: a.0540

( masc., אמן ) Translation: CRAFTSMAN Definition: [To be verified] One who is firm in his talents. KJV Translations: workman Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0542

( masc., אמן ) Translation: SO.BE.IT Definition: An affirmation of firmness and support. KJV Translations: amen, truly, so be it Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0543

( fem., אמנה / am-nah ) Translation: SURE Definition: Safe from danger or harm; marked by or given to feelings of confident certainty. What is firm. KJV Translations: sure, indeed, portion, brought up Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0545, h.0546, h.0548

( fem., אמת / e-met ) Translation: TRUTH Definition: The state of being the case. Fact. What is firm. Accurately so. KJV Translations: truth, true, truly, faithfully, assured, establishment, faithful, sure Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0571

( masc., אמון ) Translation: CRAFTSMAN Definition: [To be verified] One who is firm in his talents. KJV Translations: brought up Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0525

( masc., אמון / ey-mun ) ( fem., אמונה / e-mu-nah ) Translation: FIRMNESS Definition: Securely fixed in place. KJV Translations: faithfulness, truth, faithfully, office, faithful, faith, stability, steady, truly, trusty Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0529, h.0530

( masc., אומן ) Translation: FIRMNESS KJV Translations: truth Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0544

( fem., אומנה ) Translation: PILLAR Definition: [To be verified] The support of a structure. KJV Translations: pillar Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0547

( masc., אמנם ) Translation: SURE KJV Translations: truth, indeed, true, surely, no doubt Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0551

( masc., אומנם / um-nam ) Translation: INDEED Definition: Without any question. KJV Translations: indeed, surety Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0552

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