Empty Space Needing to be Filled

( בה ) Action: Need, Consent Object: Box Abstract: Empty Definition: An empty space needing to be filled. Relationships: This root is closely related to בא and בי.

( אבה ) Definition: A void within oneself that desires to be filled.

( common, אבה / a.b.h ) Translation: CONSENT (V) Definition: To give approval; to be in concord in opinion or sentiment; agreement as to action or opinion; to be willing to go somewhere or do something. Edenics: be – as something that exists filling a void KJV Translations: would, will, willing, consent, rest, content Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0014

( masc., אבה ) Translation: BOX Definition: [To be verified] An empty container to be filled. KJV Translations: swift Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0016

( fem., אבי / a-viy ) Translation: DESIRE KJV Translations: desire Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0015

( בוה ) Definition: An empty space needing to be filled.

( masc., בוהו / bo-hu ) Translation: UNFILLED Definition: Empty. As an empty box that needs to be filled. KJV Translations: void, emptiness Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0922

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