Filling of an Empty Space

( בא ) Action: Fill, Enter Object: Entrance Abstract: Void Definition: The filling of an empty space. Relationships: This root is closely related to בה and בי.

( fem., באה ) Translation: ENTRANCE Relationship to Root: To fill a space by entering it. KJV Translations: entry Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0872

( בוא ) Definition: To come or go into a space is to fill it. A void within oneself that desires to be filled.

( common, בוא / b.w.a ) Translation: COME (V) Definition: To move toward something; approach; enter. This can be understood as to come or to go. Relationship to Root: To fill a void by entering it. Alternate Translations: bring (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) KJV Translations: come, enter, go Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0935

( masc., מבוא / ma-vo ) Translation: ENTRANCE Definition: A place of entering. Once (Zechariah 8:7) used for the west as the place where the sun enters the underworld. KJV Translations: going down, entry, come, entrance, enter, in, west Strong’s Hebrew #: h.3996

( fem., תבואה / te-vu-ah ) Translation: PRODUCTION Definition: Total output of a commodity or an industry. An increase of produce, usually of fruit. KJV Translations: increase, fruit, revenue, gain Strong’s Hebrew #: h.8393

( fem., מבואה ) Translation: ENTRANCE Definition: [To be verified] A place of entering. KJV Translations: entry Strong’s Hebrew #: h.3997

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