Flowing of any Substance

( בל ) Action: Flow, Wear, Stir, Mix, Twist Object: Fodder, Stream, Flood, Old Abstract: Nothing, Trouble Definition: A flowing of any substance.

( masc., בל ) Translation: NONE Definition: Not any, no part. Relationship to Root: To come to nothing when effort is given. Edenics: ball; bowl; flow – with the exchange of the f for a b KJV Translations: none, not, nor, lest, nothing, not, neither, no Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1077

( masc., בלי / be-li ) Translation: UNAWARE Definition: Without design, attention, preparation, or premeditation. Alternate Translations: not; lack of (when followed with the word “WITHOUT“) KJV Translations: not, without, lack, confusion Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1097

( fem., תבלית ) Translation: RUIN Definition: [To be verified] A complete flowing away of something by destruction. KJV Translations: destruction Strong’s Hebrew #: h.8399

( masc., בלו ) Translation: TRIBUTE Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: tribute Strong’s Aramaic #: a.1093

( בלל ) Definition: A flowing or mixing of a liquid or solid.

( common, בלל / b.l.l ) Translation: MIX (V) Definition: To combine in one mass; to mingle together. KJV Translations: mingle, confound, anoint, mix Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1101

( masc., בליל ) Translation: FODDER Definition: [To be verified] A mixed feed for livestock. KJV Translations: fodder, corn, provender Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1098

( fem., תבל ) Translation: UNNATURAL.MIX Definition: An action that lacks any results. KJV Translations: confusion Strong’s Hebrew #: h.8397

( masc., תבלול ) Translation: CATARACT Definition: The clouding color of the eyes that appear as a mixture. KJV Translations: blemish Strong’s Hebrew #: h.8400

( אבל ) Definition: A flowing of tears.

( common, אבל / a.b.l ) Translation: MOURN (V) Definition: To feel or express grief or sorrow. KJV Translations: mourn, mourner, lament Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0056

( common, אבל / a-veyl ) Translation: MOURNING Definition: A flowing of tears. Also, a meadow as a weeping ground. KJV Translations: mourning, plain Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0057, h.0058, h.0060

( masc., אבל / a-val ) Translation: NEVERTHELESS Definition: In spite of that. A flowing of certainty. KJV Translations: but, nevertheless, indeed Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0061

( masc., אובל ) Translation: WATERWAY Definition: [To be verified] A flowing of water. KJV Translations: river Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0180

( בלא ) Definition: A flowing away life.

( masc., בלא ) Translation: OLD Alternate Spellings: בלוי KJV Translations: old Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1094

( הבל ) Definition: A flowing out or away of contents.

( common, הבל ) Translation: VAIN (V) Definition: [To be verified] To be void of usefulness. KJV Translations: become vain Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1891

( masc., הבל ) Translation: VANITY Definition: The state of being empty of contents or usefulness. KJV Translations: vanity Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1892

( בהל ) Definition: The flowing of the insides through trouble, amazement, haste or anxiety.

( common, בהל / b.h.l ) Translation: STIR (V) Definition: To disturb the quiet of; agitate. KJV Translations: haste, trouble, amaze, afraid, vex, rash, dismay, speedy, thrust out Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0926 Strong’s Aramaic #: a.0927

( fem., בהלה ) Translation: DISMAY Definition: Sudden trouble, terror or ruin. KJV Translations: trouble, terror Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0928

( masc., בהיל ) Translation: HASTE Alternate Spellings: בהילו KJV Translations: haste Strong’s Aramaic #: a.0924

( בלה ) Definition: A flowing away of function, life or strength.

( common, בלה / b.l.h ) Translation: WEAR.OUT (V) Definition: To make useless, especially by long or hard usage. KJV Translations: waxed old, old, consume, waste, enjoy Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1086, h.1089

( masc., בלה ) Translation: WORN.OUT KJV Translations: old, wear out Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1087 Aramaic Spelling: בלא Strong’s Aramaic #: a.1080

( fem., בלהה ) Translation: TERROR Definition: [To be verified] A flowing away of the insides. KJV Translations: terror Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1091

( בול ) Definition: A large flowing of water. As the river rises and overflows its banks, the surrounding lands are flooded depositing the water for growing the crops.

( masc., בול ) Translation: OVERGROWTH Definition: [To be verified] The large amount of vegetation that grows on the banks of a river. KJV Translations: food, stock Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0944

( masc., מבול / ma-bul ) Translation: FLOOD Definition: To cover with an overwhelming quantity or volume of water. KJV Translations: flood Strong’s Hebrew #: h.3999

( יבל ) Definition: A flowing of wealth, water or sound.

( common, יבל / y.b.l ) Translation: BRING (V) Definition: To cause to come by leading or dragging. KJV Translations: carry, brought Strong’s Hebrew #: h.2986 Strong’s Aramaic #: a.2987

( masc., יבל ) Translation: WATERCOURSE Definition: A flowing body of water. KJV Translations: stream, course Strong’s Hebrew #: h.2988

( fem., יבלת ) Translation: ULCER Definition: A flowing or seeping lesion. KJV Translations: wen Strong’s Hebrew #: h.2990

( masc., יבול ) Translation: PRODUCT Definition: The produce of fruits and crops that flourish in fields frequently flooded. KJV Translations: increase, fruit Strong’s Hebrew #: h.2981

( masc., יובל / yo-vel ) Translation: TRUMPET Definition: An instrument of flowing air to make a sound. Also, the horn of a ram as used as a trumpet. KJV Translations: jubilee, ram’s horn, trumpet Strong’s Hebrew #: h.3104

( fem., תיבל / tey-vel ) Translation: EARTH Definition: The whole of the land or region. Relationship to Root: A land flowing with substance. KJV Translations: world, habitable part Strong’s Hebrew #: h.8398

( masc., יובל ) Translation: CREEK Definition: A flowing body of water. KJV Translations: river Strong’s Hebrew #: h.3105

( בבל ) Definition: A mixing up.

( masc., בבל ) Translation: MIXED.UP Definition: To be put together indiscriminately or confusedly. Edenics: babble KJV Translations: n/a Strong’s Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( בלם ) Definition: A binding of the mouth to restrain an animal.

( common, בלם ) Translation: MUZZLE (V) KJV Translations: held Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1102

( בלע ) Relationship to Parent: flowing down the throat

( common, בלע / b.l.ah ) Translation: SWALLOW (V) Definition: To pass through the mouth and move into the esophagus to the stomach. KJV Translations: swallow, destroy, devour, covered Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1104

( masc., בלע ) Translation: SWALLOWED Definition: To take in so as to envelope. KJV Translations: devouring, swallowed Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1105

( בלק ) Relationship to Parent: as a flowing away

( common, בלק / b.l.q ) Translation: LAY.WASTE (V) Definition: To devestate, destroy or ruin. KJV Translations: waste Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1110

( בלת ) Relationship to Parent: as a flowing away

( masc., בילתי / bil-ti ) Translation: EXCEPT Definition: With the exclusion of from the whole. The whole with the exception of one or more. Alternate Translations: not; by not (when prefixed with “to~“) KJV Translations: not, except Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1115

( דבל )

( fem., דבלה ) Translation: CAKE Definition: A bread made of pressed figs. KJV Translations: cake, lump Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1690

( טבל )

( common, טבל / t.b.l ) Translation: DIP (V) Definition: To plunge or immerse momentarily or partially, as under the surface of a liquid, to moisten, cool, or coat. KJV Translations: dip, plunge Strong’s Hebrew #: h.2881

( masc., טבול ) Translation: TURBAN Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: dyed Strong’s Hebrew #: h.2871

( כבל ) Relationship to Parent: the fibers flowing over each other

( masc., כבל ) Translation: FETTER Definition: [To be verified] As twisted together. KJV Translations: fetters Strong’s Hebrew #: h.3525

( נבל )

( common, נבל / n.b.l ) Translation: FADE (V) Definition: To degrade a person, action or object. To droop or pass away. To wither away as a leaf. To wear out of strength. To act unproductively. KJV Translations: fall, esteem, foolishly, nought, vile Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5034

( masc., נבל ) Translation: PITCHER Definition: A vessel for holding liquids such as a bottle or skin bag. Also a musical instrument of similar shape. KJV Translations: psalteries, bottle, viol, flagon, pitcher, vessel Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5035

( fem., נבלה ) Translation: DEAD.BODY Definition: The remains of a creature or person that has lost its life. KJV Translations: carcass, die, dead, body Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5038

( fem., נבלות ) Translation: VAGINA Definition: [To be verified] In the sense of flowing. KJV Translations: lewdness Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5040

( נבל )

( masc., נבל ) Translation: FOOL Definition: A silly or stupid person (in the sense of fading away). KJV Translations: fool, foolish, vile Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5036

( fem., נבלה / ne-va-lah ) Translation: FOLLY Definition: Lack of good sense or prudence and foresight. In the sense of fading away. KJV Translations: folly, villany, vile Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5039

( עבל )

( masc., עיבל ) Translation: ROUND.STONE Definition: A circular smooth rock. KJV Translations: n/a Strong’s Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., עובל ) Translation: ROUNDED Definition: Of a circular shape. KJV Translations: n/a Strong’s Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( רבל )

( fem., ריבלה ) Translation: FRUITFUL Definition: Bountiful of produce. (A noun of uncertain meaning.) KJV Translations: n/a Strong’s Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( שבל ) Definition: The flooding of the river which provides water to the surrounding crop fields. Relationship to Parent: as a flowing

( common, שבל / sh.b.l ) Translation: EXCHANGE (V) Definition: The act of giving or taking one thing in return for another. To buy or sell produce, usually grain. Bartering. Alternate Spellings: שבר KJV Translations: buy, sell Strong’s Hebrew #: h.7666

( masc., שבל / she-ver ) Translation: GRAIN.SEEDS Definition: A family of grasses used for food. (In the sense of being traded or sold) Alternate Spellings: שבר KJV Translations: corn, victuals Strong’s Hebrew #: h.7668

( masc., שביל ) Translation: PATH Definition: [To be verified] As the path of a stream. KJV Translations: path Strong’s Hebrew #: h.7635

( masc., שובל ) Translation: UPPER.LEG Definition: The thigh muscle of the lower appendages. KJV Translations: leg Strong’s Hebrew #: h.7640

( masc., שבלול ) Translation: SNAIL Definition: [To be verified] From the trail it leaves appearing like a stream. KJV Translations: snail Strong’s Hebrew #: h.7642

( masc., שיבול / shi-bol ) ( fem., שיבולת ) Translation: EAR.OF.GRAIN Definition: The cluster of seeds found on grass crops. Relationship to Root: From the floods that gives water to the soil for growing crops. Alternate Spellings: חבלת סבלת KJV Translations: branch, channel, flood, ear Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5451, h.7641

( שבק ) Relationship to Parent: empty

( common, שבק / sh.b.q ) Translation: LEAVE.ALONE (V) Definition: To be left isolated. KJV Translations: leave, alone Strong’s Aramaic #: a.7662

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