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God has provided a special kind of protection to those who need it. But is it available for everyone? What condition does He require from us for His offer to be realized? Can the information in the Ancient Hebrew pictograms help us better understand His intentions for us? Will anything in an investigation of this protection point us to Messiah?


Arum – Sathar

How is one to protect himself from danger in difficult times? Do the Ancient Prophetic Scriptures provide wisdom and guidance for us to follow? Can anything be found in the original Hebrew pictograms that elaborate on this advice and will any of the content contained in these pictograms point us to Messiah?


Flowing of any Substance

( בל ) Action: Flow, Wear, Stir, Mix, Twist Object: Fodder, Stream, Flood, Old Abstract: Nothing, Trouble Definition: A flowing of any substance.

( masc., בל ) Translation: NONE Definition: Not any, no part. Relationship to Root: To come to nothing when effort is given. Edenics: ball; bowl; flow – with the exchange of the f for a b KJV Translations: none, not, nor, lest, nothing, not, neither, no Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1077

( masc., בלי / be-li ) Translation: UNAWARE Definition: Without design, attention, preparation, or premeditation. Alternate Translations: not; lack of (when followed with the word “WITHOUT“) KJV Translations: not, without, lack, confusion Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1097

( fem., תבלית ) Translation: RUIN Definition: [To be verified] A complete flowing away of something by destruction. KJV Translations: destruction Strong’s Hebrew #: h.8399

( masc., בלו ) Translation: TRIBUTE Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: tribute Strong’s Aramaic #: a.1093

( בלל ) Definition: A flowing or mixing of a liquid or solid.

( common, בלל / b.l.l ) Translation: MIX (V) Definition: To combine in one mass; to mingle together. KJV Translations: mingle, confound, anoint, mix Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1101

( masc., בליל ) Translation: FODDER Definition: [To be verified] A mixed feed for livestock. KJV Translations: fodder, corn, provender Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1098

( fem., תבל ) Translation: UNNATURAL.MIX Definition: An action that lacks any results. KJV Translations: confusion Strong’s Hebrew #: h.8397

( masc., תבלול ) Translation: CATARACT Definition: The clouding color of the eyes that appear as a mixture. KJV Translations: blemish Strong’s Hebrew #: h.8400

( אבל ) Definition: A flowing of tears.

( common, אבל / a.b.l ) Translation: MOURN (V) Definition: To feel or express grief or sorrow. KJV Translations: mourn, mourner, lament Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0056

( common, אבל / a-veyl ) Translation: MOURNING Definition: A flowing of tears. Also, a meadow as a weeping ground. KJV Translations: mourning, plain Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0057, h.0058, h.0060

( masc., אבל / a-val ) Translation: NEVERTHELESS Definition: In spite of that. A flowing of certainty. KJV Translations: but, nevertheless, indeed Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0061

( masc., אובל ) Translation: WATERWAY Definition: [To be verified] A flowing of water. KJV Translations: river Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0180

( בלא ) Definition: A flowing away life.

( masc., בלא ) Translation: OLD Alternate Spellings: בלוי KJV Translations: old Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1094

( הבל ) Definition: A flowing out or away of contents.

( common, הבל ) Translation: VAIN (V) Definition: [To be verified] To be void of usefulness. KJV Translations: become vain Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1891

( masc., הבל ) Translation: VANITY Definition: The state of being empty of contents or usefulness. KJV Translations: vanity Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1892

( בהל ) Definition: The flowing of the insides through trouble, amazement, haste or anxiety.

( common, בהל / b.h.l ) Translation: STIR (V) Definition: To disturb the quiet of; agitate. KJV Translations: haste, trouble, amaze, afraid, vex, rash, dismay, speedy, thrust out Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0926 Strong’s Aramaic #: a.0927

( fem., בהלה ) Translation: DISMAY Definition: Sudden trouble, terror or ruin. KJV Translations: trouble, terror Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0928

( masc., בהיל ) Translation: HASTE Alternate Spellings: בהילו KJV Translations: haste Strong’s Aramaic #: a.0924

( בלה ) Definition: A flowing away of function, life or strength.

( common, בלה / b.l.h ) Translation: WEAR.OUT (V) Definition: To make useless, especially by long or hard usage. KJV Translations: waxed old, old, consume, waste, enjoy Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1086, h.1089

( masc., בלה ) Translation: WORN.OUT KJV Translations: old, wear out Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1087 Aramaic Spelling: בלא Strong’s Aramaic #: a.1080

( fem., בלהה ) Translation: TERROR Definition: [To be verified] A flowing away of the insides. KJV Translations: terror Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1091

( בול ) Definition: A large flowing of water. As the river rises and overflows its banks, the surrounding lands are flooded depositing the water for growing the crops.

( masc., בול ) Translation: OVERGROWTH Definition: [To be verified] The large amount of vegetation that grows on the banks of a river. KJV Translations: food, stock Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0944

( masc., מבול / ma-bul ) Translation: FLOOD Definition: To cover with an overwhelming quantity or volume of water. KJV Translations: flood Strong’s Hebrew #: h.3999

( יבל ) Definition: A flowing of wealth, water or sound.

( common, יבל / y.b.l ) Translation: BRING (V) Definition: To cause to come by leading or dragging. KJV Translations: carry, brought Strong’s Hebrew #: h.2986 Strong’s Aramaic #: a.2987

( masc., יבל ) Translation: WATERCOURSE Definition: A flowing body of water. KJV Translations: stream, course Strong’s Hebrew #: h.2988

( fem., יבלת ) Translation: ULCER Definition: A flowing or seeping lesion. KJV Translations: wen Strong’s Hebrew #: h.2990

( masc., יבול ) Translation: PRODUCT Definition: The produce of fruits and crops that flourish in fields frequently flooded. KJV Translations: increase, fruit Strong’s Hebrew #: h.2981

( masc., יובל / yo-vel ) Translation: TRUMPET Definition: An instrument of flowing air to make a sound. Also, the horn of a ram as used as a trumpet. KJV Translations: jubilee, ram’s horn, trumpet Strong’s Hebrew #: h.3104

( fem., תיבל / tey-vel ) Translation: EARTH Definition: The whole of the land or region. Relationship to Root: A land flowing with substance. KJV Translations: world, habitable part Strong’s Hebrew #: h.8398

( masc., יובל ) Translation: CREEK Definition: A flowing body of water. KJV Translations: river Strong’s Hebrew #: h.3105

( בבל ) Definition: A mixing up.

( masc., בבל ) Translation: MIXED.UP Definition: To be put together indiscriminately or confusedly. Edenics: babble KJV Translations: n/a Strong’s Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( בלם ) Definition: A binding of the mouth to restrain an animal.

( common, בלם ) Translation: MUZZLE (V) KJV Translations: held Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1102

( בלע ) Relationship to Parent: flowing down the throat

( common, בלע / b.l.ah ) Translation: SWALLOW (V) Definition: To pass through the mouth and move into the esophagus to the stomach. KJV Translations: swallow, destroy, devour, covered Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1104

( masc., בלע ) Translation: SWALLOWED Definition: To take in so as to envelope. KJV Translations: devouring, swallowed Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1105

( בלק ) Relationship to Parent: as a flowing away

( common, בלק / b.l.q ) Translation: LAY.WASTE (V) Definition: To devestate, destroy or ruin. KJV Translations: waste Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1110

( בלת ) Relationship to Parent: as a flowing away

( masc., בילתי / bil-ti ) Translation: EXCEPT Definition: With the exclusion of from the whole. The whole with the exception of one or more. Alternate Translations: not; by not (when prefixed with “to~“) KJV Translations: not, except Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1115

( דבל )

( fem., דבלה ) Translation: CAKE Definition: A bread made of pressed figs. KJV Translations: cake, lump Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1690

( טבל )

( common, טבל / t.b.l ) Translation: DIP (V) Definition: To plunge or immerse momentarily or partially, as under the surface of a liquid, to moisten, cool, or coat. KJV Translations: dip, plunge Strong’s Hebrew #: h.2881

( masc., טבול ) Translation: TURBAN Relationship to Root: Unknown connection to root KJV Translations: dyed Strong’s Hebrew #: h.2871

( כבל ) Relationship to Parent: the fibers flowing over each other

( masc., כבל ) Translation: FETTER Definition: [To be verified] As twisted together. KJV Translations: fetters Strong’s Hebrew #: h.3525

( נבל )

( common, נבל / n.b.l ) Translation: FADE (V) Definition: To degrade a person, action or object. To droop or pass away. To wither away as a leaf. To wear out of strength. To act unproductively. KJV Translations: fall, esteem, foolishly, nought, vile Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5034

( masc., נבל ) Translation: PITCHER Definition: A vessel for holding liquids such as a bottle or skin bag. Also a musical instrument of similar shape. KJV Translations: psalteries, bottle, viol, flagon, pitcher, vessel Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5035

( fem., נבלה ) Translation: DEAD.BODY Definition: The remains of a creature or person that has lost its life. KJV Translations: carcass, die, dead, body Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5038

( fem., נבלות ) Translation: VAGINA Definition: [To be verified] In the sense of flowing. KJV Translations: lewdness Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5040

( נבל )

( masc., נבל ) Translation: FOOL Definition: A silly or stupid person (in the sense of fading away). KJV Translations: fool, foolish, vile Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5036

( fem., נבלה / ne-va-lah ) Translation: FOLLY Definition: Lack of good sense or prudence and foresight. In the sense of fading away. KJV Translations: folly, villany, vile Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5039

( עבל )

( masc., עיבל ) Translation: ROUND.STONE Definition: A circular smooth rock. KJV Translations: n/a Strong’s Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( masc., עובל ) Translation: ROUNDED Definition: Of a circular shape. KJV Translations: n/a Strong’s Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( רבל )

( fem., ריבלה ) Translation: FRUITFUL Definition: Bountiful of produce. (A noun of uncertain meaning.) KJV Translations: n/a Strong’s Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( שבל ) Definition: The flooding of the river which provides water to the surrounding crop fields. Relationship to Parent: as a flowing

( common, שבל / sh.b.l ) Translation: EXCHANGE (V) Definition: The act of giving or taking one thing in return for another. To buy or sell produce, usually grain. Bartering. Alternate Spellings: שבר KJV Translations: buy, sell Strong’s Hebrew #: h.7666

( masc., שבל / she-ver ) Translation: GRAIN.SEEDS Definition: A family of grasses used for food. (In the sense of being traded or sold) Alternate Spellings: שבר KJV Translations: corn, victuals Strong’s Hebrew #: h.7668

( masc., שביל ) Translation: PATH Definition: [To be verified] As the path of a stream. KJV Translations: path Strong’s Hebrew #: h.7635

( masc., שובל ) Translation: UPPER.LEG Definition: The thigh muscle of the lower appendages. KJV Translations: leg Strong’s Hebrew #: h.7640

( masc., שבלול ) Translation: SNAIL Definition: [To be verified] From the trail it leaves appearing like a stream. KJV Translations: snail Strong’s Hebrew #: h.7642

( masc., שיבול / shi-bol ) ( fem., שיבולת ) Translation: EAR.OF.GRAIN Definition: The cluster of seeds found on grass crops. Relationship to Root: From the floods that gives water to the soil for growing crops. Alternate Spellings: חבלת סבלת KJV Translations: branch, channel, flood, ear Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5451, h.7641

( שבק ) Relationship to Parent: empty

( common, שבק / sh.b.q ) Translation: LEAVE.ALONE (V) Definition: To be left isolated. KJV Translations: leave, alone Strong’s Aramaic #: a.7662

Inside the Palms

( בך ) Action: Weep, Roll, Entangle Object: Tears, Spring Abstract: Confusion Definition: The placing of one eyes in the palms when crying. A weeping from mourning or from the billowing of smoke in the eyes. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a tent representing what is inside. The is the palms of the hand. Combined these mean the “inside the palms”.

( אבך ) Definition: The rolling of the tears down the cheek.

( common, אבך ) Translation: ROLL (V) Definition: [To be verified] The rolling of smoke. KJV Translations: mount up Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0055

( בכא )

( masc., בכא ) Translation: BALSAM Definition: [To be verified] A tree that weeps sap when cut. KJV Translations: mulberry tree Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1057

( בכה )

( common, בכה / b.k.h ) Translation: WEEP (V) Definition: To express deep sorrow, especially by shedding tears. KJV Translations: weep, bewail, sore, mourned, wail Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1058

( masc., בכה ) Translation: WEEP KJV Translations: sore Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1059

( fem., בכית / be-khit ) Translation: TIME.OF.WEEPING Definition: A period of sadness or mourning. KJV Translations: mourning Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1068

( masc., בכי / be-khi ) Translation: WEEPING Definition: The act of expressing sorrow by shedding tears. KJV Translations: weep, overflowing, sore Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1065

( בוך ) Definition: To be tangled, confused or lost in a place of uncertainty that can bring one to tears.

( common, בוך / b.w.k ) Translation: ENTANGLED (V) Definition: Twisted together or interwoven in a confused manner. Involved. KJV Translations: perplexed, entangled Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0943

( fem., מבוכה ) Translation: CONFUSION Definition: [To be verified] A state of entanglement. KJV Translations: perplexity Strong’s Hebrew #: h.3998

( נבך ) Relationship to Parent: a weeping of the land

( masc., נבך ) Translation: SPRING Definition: [To be verified] A spring of water. KJV Translations: spring Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5033

Inside the Hand

( בי ) Action: Need Object: Empty Abstract: Sorrow Definition: An empty hand desiring to be filled. Relationships: This root is closely related to בא and בה. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph , a picture of the house represents what is inside. The is the hand. When combined these mean “inside the hand”.

( אבי ) Definition: A void within oneself that desires to be filled.

( masc., אבוי ) Translation: SORROW Definition: [To be verified] A pain of desire. KJV Translations: sorrow Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0017

( masc., אביון / ev-yon ) Translation: NEEDY Definition: In a condition of need or want. KJV Translations: needy, poor, beggar Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0034

( fem., אביונה ) Translation: WANTS Definition: [To be verified] A void that one desires to fill. KJV Translations: desire Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0035