Strong Sigh

( אה ) Action: Sigh Object: Hawk, Sigher Abstract: Desire, Where Definition: This can be a sigh when searching as when the ox snorts when desiring food. Relationships: This root is closely related to הא. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph represents strength of the ox. The is one looking at a great sight and sighing. Combined they mean “a strong sigh”.

( common, אה / ah ) Translation: AH Definition: [To be verified] The sigh of one in exclamation out of a desire. Relationship to Root: The howling of one searching. Alternate Spellings: האח אי אח Edenics: ah KJV Translations: ah, aha, alas, woe Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0253, h.0337, h.1889(x2)

( אהה ) Definition: A screaming out of pain.

( masc., אהה / a-hah ) Translation: AH KJV Translations: ah, alas Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0162

( יאה ) Definition: Rightful ownership of what is desired.

( common, יאה ) Translation: BELONG (V) KJV Translations: appertain Strong’s Hebrew #: h.2969

( אוה ) Definition: A sigh out of a desire.

( common, אוה / a.w.h ) Translation: YEARN (V) Definition: To have an earnest or strong desire; long. KJV Translations: desire, longing, covet, lust, point out Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0183

( masc., אוה / e-veh ) Translation: YEARN Definition: To long persistently, wistfully, or sadly. What is desired, whether good or bad. KJV Translations: n/a Strong’s Hebrew #: [Found in names only]

( fem., תאוה / ta-a-wah ) Translation: YEARNING Definition: To long persistently, wistfully, or sadly. What is desired, whether good or bad. KJV Translations: desire, lust, greedily Strong’s Hebrew #: h.8378

( איה ) Definition: A bird that flies high searching for food and screeches as a loud sigh.

( fem., איה / a-yah ) Translation: HAWK Definition: A bird of prey, probably the hawk, but possibly a kite or vulture. Relationship to Root: From its cry sounding like a sigh. KJV Translations: kite, vulture Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0344

Smoke – Mist – Charcoal – Heap

( אד ) Object: Smoke, Mist, Charcoal, Heap

( masc., אד / ad ) Translation: MIST Definition: A vapor or fine spray. Relationship to Root: An overwhelming abundance of ash raked in the fire causing a cloud of dust. KJV Translations: mist, vapor Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0108

( אוד ) Definition: The abundant remnants of charred wood from a fire that is raked together causing a cloud of ash.

( masc., אוד / ud ) Translation: CHARCOAL Definition: [To be verified] The wood remnants of a fire. Edenics: wood KJV Translations: firebrand, brand, because, cause, concerning Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0181

( fem., אודות / o-dot ) Translation: CONCERNING Definition: Regarding. Marked interest or regard usually arising through a personal tie or relationship. A turning over and bringing together of a thought. Alternate Translations: on account of (when following the word “UPON“) KJV Translations: because, cause, concerning, thee, sake Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0182

( masc., מאוד / me-od ) Translation: MANY Definition: A large but indefinite number. An abundance of things (many, much, great), actions (complete, wholly, strong, quick) or character (very). Alternate Translations: great; greatly; more; much; very KJV Translations: very, greatly, sore, exceedingly, great, much, diligently, good, might Strong’s Hebrew #: h.3966

( איד ) Definition: A pile of charred wood and ash as the remnants of a fire.

( masc., איד / eyd ) Translation: CALAMITY Definition: A disaster. KJV Translations: calamity, destruction Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0343

Strength of the House

( אב ) Action: Stand Object: Pole, Spear, Wineskin, Grain Abstract: Enemy, Desire, Hostile Definition: This can be the tent poles which hold up the tent, the house, as well as the father who holds up the family, the household. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph represents strength, the represents the tent. Combined these mean “the strength of the house”.

( masc., אב / av ) Translation: FATHER Definition: A man who has begotten a child. The provider and support to the household. The ancestor of a family line. The patron of a profession or art. Relationship to Root: The support of the tent/house. Edenics: pa – an exchange from a b and p and a reversal of the letters KJV Translations: father, chief, families, desire, patrimony, prince, principle Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0001 Strong’s Aramaic #: a.0002

( אבב )

( masc., אביב / a-viv ) Translation: GREEN.GRAIN Definition: Fresh young stalks of standing grain. Also the name of a month in the Hebrew calendar. KJV Translations: abib, corn Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0024

( אוב ) Definition: The wineskin hangs from the tent pole. A spiritist (possibly from their mumbling like the sound of wine poured out of the wineskin)

( masc., אוב / ov ) Translation: WINESKIN Definition: A leather bag that holds wine. Can also mean “medium” as one who evokes the dead, possibly from their mumbling like the sound of wine being poured out of the wineskin. Relationship to Root: As hung from the pole of the tent. KJV Translations: bottle, familiar spirit Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0178

( יאב ) Definition: The firm standing of the tent pole.

( common, יאב ) Translation: WISH (V) Definition: [To be verified] A standing firm for what is desired. KJV Translations: long Strong’s Hebrew #: h.2968

( איב ) Definition: The tent pole is pointed at one end and doubles as a spear which can be used against an enemy to defend (also a support of) the family.

( common, איב / a.y.b ) Translation: ATTACK (V) Definition: To be antagonistic or unfriendly to another. An action taken by an enemy. KJV Translations: enemy, foe Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0340, h.0341

( masc., איב / ey-vah ) Translation: FRESH.FRUIT KJV Translations: greenness, fruit Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0003 Strong’s Aramaic #: a.0004

( fem., איבה / ey-vah ) Translation: HOSTILITY Definition: Conflict, opposition, or resistance; overt acts of warfare. KJV Translations: enemy, hatred Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0342