Does God Keep Secrets from His Children

There is a big difference between a mystery and a secret. The one thing they have in common is that something is hidden. Some secrets are revealed only to a select group. It is a secret that they jealously keep to themselves and only share with those that are deemed worthy to become a part of their secret organization or cult.

Restraining the Mystery of Iniquity

Is the Spirit of God still striving with men? Yes. Does the mystery of the 120 years find its solution in the 50 non-sequential Jubilee cycle introduced by God, a period that equals 6000 years? Yes. Has there been a time in history that the Spirit of God has not striven with men, before or after the flood? No.

The Mystery of the 120 Years

The Mystery of the 120 Years

Is There a 6000 Year Jubilee Prophecy? The very fact that the Hebrew word Jubilee begins with a Yood gives us the confidence to investigate further in order to see if we can discover a time-stamp prophetic harbinger embedded in the word.

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