One can’t help but notice that there are a number of frightening events occurring around the globe today. There is a very real danger to human health from dangerous viruses, and quarantines are being established everywhere to prevent their spread. As well, there is significant risk of famine resulting from the recent appearance of hordes of locusts that can devour whole fields of crops in mere minutes. What is the significance of these events? Is God somehow behind these threats? Do we have good reason to be concerned?


Our world seems to be filled with never-ending conflict. The questions behind these disagreements often center around who is in charge and who gets to choose the outcome. Who is really in charge, and who has the authority to impose their rule on others? What do the ancient prophetic scriptures tell us about rulership? And where does Messiah fit into all this?

Betach Tehillah

Where do you suppose the creator of the universe goes to hang out? Does God seek out the company of people? Is God even interested in whether or not someone knows and hungers for His companionship? Why would He pay any attention to sinful mankind? And is there something we can do to help bring ourselves into relationship with Him?