God has provided a special kind of protection to those who need it. But is it available for everyone? What condition does He require from us for His offer to be realized? Can the information in the Ancient Hebrew pictograms help us better understand His intentions for us? Will anything in an investigation of this protection point us to Messiah?

Arum – Sathar

How is one to protect himself from danger in difficult times? Do the Ancient Prophetic Scriptures provide wisdom and guidance for us to follow? Can anything be found in the original Hebrew pictograms that elaborate on this advice and will any of the content contained in these pictograms point us to Messiah?


It would be a difficult thing to find someone who has not been personally acquainted with trouble. Look around and you can find trouble or tribulation lurking everywhere. Why is this? Didn’t God create a perfect world and give us peace? Can there be found any encouragement in the ancient prophetic scriptures that would help us endure the troubles that we most certainly do and will continue to face?


One can’t help but notice that there are a number of frightening events occurring around the globe today. There is a very real danger to human health from dangerous viruses, and quarantines are being established everywhere to prevent their spread. As well, there is significant risk of famine resulting from the recent appearance of hordes of locusts that can devour whole fields of crops in mere minutes. What is the significance of these events? Is God somehow behind these threats? Do we have good reason to be concerned?