The Strong Wall

(ahh) Protect / Hearth

Pictograph: The pictograph represents strength. The is a wall. Combined these pictographs mean “strong wall”.
Definition: In Hebrew thought, a wall is more than a vertical barrier but anything that separates or divides. The hearth around the fire protected the house from the heat and embers of the fire.
Strong’s #: n/a

Abba Father is the strong wall that separates or divides light from darkness. He separates His set-apart ones and gives protection to His family.








Wall Continues

(hhen) Camp / Camp

Pictograph: The pictograph is a picture of a wall. The is a picture of a seed meaning “to continue”. Combined these mean “wall continues”.
Definition: A nomad’s camp consisted of many family tents, which make up the clan camp. The camp can have as many as fifty tents or more in it. The tents are placed in a circular configuration, forming one continuous wall surrounding the camp.
Strong’s #: 2580 – 2581