Inside the Hand

( בי ) Action: Need Object: Empty Abstract: Sorrow Definition: An empty hand desiring to be filled. Relationships: This root is closely related to בא and בה. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph , a picture of the house represents what is inside. The is the hand. When combined these mean “inside the hand”.

( אבי ) Definition: A void within oneself that desires to be filled.

( masc., אבוי ) Translation: SORROW Definition: [To be verified] A pain of desire. KJV Translations: sorrow Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0017

( masc., אביון / ev-yon ) Translation: NEEDY Definition: In a condition of need or want. KJV Translations: needy, poor, beggar Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0034

( fem., אביונה ) Translation: WANTS Definition: [To be verified] A void that one desires to fill. KJV Translations: desire Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0035