Inside the Palms

( בך ) Action: Weep, Roll, Entangle Object: Tears, Spring Abstract: Confusion Definition: The placing of one eyes in the palms when crying. A weeping from mourning or from the billowing of smoke in the eyes. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a tent representing what is inside. The is the palms of the hand. Combined these mean the “inside the palms”.

( אבך ) Definition: The rolling of the tears down the cheek.

( common, אבך ) Translation: ROLL (V) Definition: [To be verified] The rolling of smoke. KJV Translations: mount up Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0055

( בכא )

( masc., בכא ) Translation: BALSAM Definition: [To be verified] A tree that weeps sap when cut. KJV Translations: mulberry tree Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1057

( בכה )

( common, בכה / b.k.h ) Translation: WEEP (V) Definition: To express deep sorrow, especially by shedding tears. KJV Translations: weep, bewail, sore, mourned, wail Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1058

( masc., בכה ) Translation: WEEP KJV Translations: sore Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1059

( fem., בכית / be-khit ) Translation: TIME.OF.WEEPING Definition: A period of sadness or mourning. KJV Translations: mourning Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1068

( masc., בכי / be-khi ) Translation: WEEPING Definition: The act of expressing sorrow by shedding tears. KJV Translations: weep, overflowing, sore Strong’s Hebrew #: h.1065

( בוך ) Definition: To be tangled, confused or lost in a place of uncertainty that can bring one to tears.

( common, בוך / b.w.k ) Translation: ENTANGLED (V) Definition: Twisted together or interwoven in a confused manner. Involved. KJV Translations: perplexed, entangled Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0943

( fem., מבוכה ) Translation: CONFUSION Definition: [To be verified] A state of entanglement. KJV Translations: perplexity Strong’s Hebrew #: h.3998

( נבך ) Relationship to Parent: a weeping of the land

( masc., נבך ) Translation: SPRING Definition: [To be verified] A spring of water. KJV Translations: spring Strong’s Hebrew #: h.5033