Pointing to a Place

( אי ) Object: Place Abstract: Where Relationships: This root is closely related to the root אה. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph , replacing the , is the hand and adds the idea of pointing to a place.

( masc., אי / ey ) Translation: WHERE Definition: At, in, or to what place. Relationship to Root: A search for an unknown location. Alternate Translations: why Alternate Spellings: איפוה איה KJV Translations: where, what, whence Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0335, h.0346, h.0351, h.0375

( masc., אי / iy ) Translation: ISLAND.BEAST Definition: An unknown species of animal. KJV Translations: beast Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0338

( אהי ) Definition: A search for an unknown location.

( masc., אהי ) Translation: WHERE.NOW KJV Translations: will Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0165