Strong Authority

( אל ) Action: Yoke, Guide, Swear Object: Ox, Oak, Yoke Abstract: Strength, Oath, Learn Definition: The yoke is understood as a “staff on the shoulders” (see Isaiah 9:4) in order to harness their power for pulling loads such as a wagon or plow. Hence, the two pictographs can also represent “the ox in the yoke”. Often two oxen were yoked together. An older, more experienced ox would be teamed up (yoked) with a younger, less experienced ox. The older ox in the yoke is the “strong authority” who, through the yoke, teaches the younger ox. Ancient Hebrew: The pictograph is a picture of an ox head and also represents its strength. The is a picture of a shepherd staff and also represents the authority of the shepherd. Combined these two pictographs mean “the strong authority” and can be anyone or thing of strong authority.

( masc., אל / el ) Translation: MIGHTY.ONE Definition: One who holds authority over others, such as a judge, chief or god. In the sense of being yoked to one another. Relationship to Root: The power of the ox’s muscles to perform work. Edenics: all; elk KJV Translations: God, god, power, mighty, goodly, great, idols, strong, unto, with, against, at, into, in, before, to, of, upon, by, toward, hath, for, on, beside, from, where, after, within Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0410

( masc., אל / el ) Translation: TO Definition: Used as a function word to indicate movement or an action or condition suggestive of progress toward a place, person, or thing reached. Relationship to Root: A moving to or toward something to be with it, as the ox moves toward a destination. Alternate Translations: at; by; for; on KJV Translations: unto, with, against, at, into, in, before, to, of, upon, by, toward, has, for, on, beside, from, where, after, within Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0413

( fem., אלה / ey-lah ) Translation: OAK Definition: A species of tree with dense, hard, wood. A tough durable wood. KJV Translations: oak, elm, teil tree Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0424, h.0427

( fem., אליה / al-yah ) Translation: RUMP Definition: The fat part of the hind part of a sheep that is considered an Eastern delicacy. KJV Translations: rump Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0451

( אלה ) Definition: The yoking together of two parties. A treaty or covenant binds two parties together through an oath (yoke). The oath included blessings for abiding by the covenant and curses for breaking the covenant (see Deuteronomy 28). The God of the Hebrews was seen as the older ox that is yoked to his people in a covenant relationship.

( common, אלה ) Translation: TAKE.AN.OATH (V) Definition: [To be verified] The placing of oneself in a binding agreement to a course of action including a curse for violating the oath. Also meaning to lament. KJV Translations: swear, curse, adjure, lament Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0421, h.0422

( fem., אלה / a-lah ) Translation: OATH Definition: Something corroborated by a vow. A binding agreement, including the curse for violating the oath. KJV Translations: curse, oath, execration, swearing Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0423

( masc., אלוה / e-lo-ah ) Translation: POWER Definition: Possession of control, authority, or influence over others; physical might. The power or might of one who rules or teaches. One who yokes with another. Often applies to rulers or a god. Often used in the plural form literally meaning “mighty ones,” but often used in a singular sense to mean “The Mighty One.” KJV Translations: God, god, judge, angel, mighty, godly, heathen deity Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0433 Aramaic Spelling: אלה Strong’s Aramaic #: a.0426, a.0430

( fem., תאלה ) Translation: CURSE KJV Translations: curse Strong’s Hebrew #: h.8381

( אול ) Definition: The strength of the ox.

( masc., אול ) Translation: STRENGTH KJV Translations: mighty, strength Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0193

( יאל ) Definition: The placing of the yoke upon the shoulders to perform a task.

( common, יאל / y.a.l ) Translation: TAKE.UPON (V) Definition: The placing of a yoke on the shoulders, literally or figuratively, to perform work or undertake a task. Alternate Translations: agree (when written in the hiphil [causative] form) KJV Translations: content, please, would, taken upon me, began, assayed, willingly Strong’s Hebrew #: h.2974

( איל ) Definition: Anyone or anything that functions as the “strong authority” is seen as the older ox. Such as a ram or stag deer (the strong leader of the flock or heard), chief (strong leader of the tribe), pillar (as the strong support of a building), oak tree (one of the strongest of the woods).

( masc., איל / a-yil ) Translation: BUCK Definition: The large males of a flock of sheep or heard of deer. By extension, anything of strength including a chief, pillar (as the strong support of a building), or oak tree (one of the strongest of the woods). KJV Translations: ram, post, mighty, tree, lintel, oak, strength, hart Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0352, h.0353, h.0354

( fem., אילה / ay-ya-lah ) Translation: DOE Definition: The adult female fallow deer. KJV Translations: hind Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0355

( fem., אילות ) Translation: STRENGTH KJV Translations: strength Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0360

( masc., אילון / ey-lon ) Translation: GREAT.TREE Definition: A tree made of very dense, hard, wood. Alternate Spellings: אילן אלון KJV Translations: plain, oak, tree Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0436, h.0437 Strong’s Aramaic #: a.0363

( masc., אילם ) Translation: ARCH Definition: [To be verified] The arch is the strongest architectural design for an entry through a building or wall. Alternate Translations: self KJV Translations: arch Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0361

( אלף ) Definition: The yoke of the oxen, the yoke of learning. An older experienced ox is yoked to a younger inexperienced one in order to teach it how to pull a load. A thousand, as a large number of oxen. Relationship to Parent: an ox as wearing a yoke for work

( common, אלף ) Translation: LEARN (V) Definition: [To be verified] To learn by example in the sense of being yoked to another. KJV Translations: teach, learn, utter Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0502

( common, אלף ) Translation: GIVE.A.THOUSAND (V) Definition: [To be verified] To make or bring forth a thousand, a thousand-fold. KJV Translations: bring forth thousands Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0503

( masc., אלף / e-leph ) Translation: THOUSAND Definition: Ten times one hundred in amount or number. KJV Translations: thousand Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0505 Strong’s Aramaic #: a.0506

( masc., אלף ) Translation: OX Definition: [To be verified] In Judges 6:15 this word is used for “family”. Edenics: elephant KJV Translations: kine, oxen, family Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0504

( masc., אלוף / a-luph ) Translation: CHIEF Definition: Accorded highest rank or office; of greatest importance, significance, or influence. The military commander of a thousand men. One who is yoked to another to lead and teach. KJV Translations: duke, guide, friend, governor, captain, ox Strong’s Hebrew #: h.0441