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Teaching the Ancient Biblical Hebrew Language of the Bible through the study of the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet, Language and Philosophy. Teaching the Word of the Father as it was originally intended, with Aramaic-Hebrew understanding, and without any doctrines of men or religions.

The Book of Romans

11 - What Advantage


If Gentile believers receive the a share in the kingdom and the world to come and also enjoy the blessings promised to Abraham, what advantage does a Jewish believer have?

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10 - More than Conquerors


Does God predestine some people for salvation and others for torment? Where does that leave free choice?

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09 - The Spirit and the Flesh


What is the significance of the resurrection of Yeshua? In Romans 8, Paul enters into the deep mysticism of resurrection theology.

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08 - The Law of Sin and Death


Why does Paul refer to the Torah as "the law of sin and death"? What does it mean to say that we have "died to the law"?

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07 - Under the Law


What does it mean to be "under the law"?

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06 - Baptism into Messiah


What does it mean to be "baptised" into Messiah? What is the Messianic Jewish view of baptism? What do we mean when we say that we are "dead to sin"?

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05 - Adam and Messiah


Do you know “the law of sin and death”? It’s not the Torah, it’s not Murphy’s Law, and it’s not the law of gravity, but it’s an important underlying principle in the Biblical worldview.

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04 - Father of the Faith


Are you a son or daughter of Abraham? Abraham is the father of us all, right? Does being a "child of Abraham" make you the same as a Jewish person?

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03 - What Advantage Has the Jew


What advantage is there to being Jewish? Paul lists lots of advantages, but exemption from judgment is not one of them.

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02 - Religious Bigotry and Self-Righteousness


Have you ever heard of "The Romans Road"? This lesson takes a few detours off the regular route.

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The Book of Romans

The book of Romans is foundational to Christian theology, but it has rarely been reconsidered in the light of Messianic Jewish revelation. This Bible study works through the book of Romans bringing commentary from Jewish sources and apostolic history to shed new light on this well-loved epistle.

Holy Epistle to the Hebrews

Jesus did not cancel the Law, nor did he replace the Temple, the priesthood, or the sacrifices. Discover the real issues that Jewish believers in Yahshua were facing, and find out how the book of Hebrews offers the cure for the exile.

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