Revelation 12 The Male Child Part 2

Here is the exciting conclusion to last week’s Word study. Today we take a closer look at the true meaning of “Zakar,” revealing a much deeper understanding of September 2017’s great sign in the shamayim (the heavens) and the birthing of the Called Out Ones! Plus, a very personal note that closes this study about a “knowing” of the nearness of the Netchatef (Rapture).

Revelation 12 The Male Child Part 1

This study reveals how, often times, we can so easily miss some of the most obvious things in YHWH’s Word! Sometimes it’s because we are rooted in comfort zones, like thinking a particular verse means what we’ve always been told it means and sometimes it’s just because Elohim doesn’t want us to recognize a particular truth until it’s time for us to see it. At any rate, here’s one exciting revelation you will enjoy discovering.