Bible Illustrations From Lambsongs

Abraham and Isaac
Alive Many people see Jesus
Amazing breakfast
Baby Moses is safe
Blind Bartimaeus can see
Choosing a King
Creation Days
Daniel in the lions' den
David and Goliath
David and The King Saul
David doesn't hurt King Saul
David finds Saul in a cave
David looks after his sheep
David the lion and the bear
Deborah and Barak
Elijah and Elisha
Elijah and the Prophets of Baal
Elijah and the ravens
Elijah and the widow
Elisha and the oil that never ran out
Esther a very brave queen
Fishing with Peter
Follow the cloud
God's promise to Abram
Jacob and Esau A promise for a bowl of soup
Jacob is forgiven by Esau
Jacob tricks his father
Jacob's children
Jacob's ladder
Jacob's new name is Israel
Jesus and Pontius Pilate
Jesus Calms the storm
Jesus eats with His friends
Jesus goes to a wedding
Jesus is alive - part 1
Jesus is alive - part 2
Jesus is taken to the High Priest
Jesus is tempted
Jesus rides a donkey
Jesus was born in Bethlehem
Jesus went back to heaven
Jochebed the brave mother of Moses
Joshua and the battle of Jericho
Judas 30 silver coins
Mary and the Angel Gabriel
Matthew follows Jesus
Moses and the 10 commandments
Moses And The Golden Calf
Moses and the ten plagues - part 1
Moses and the ten plagues - part 2
Nebuchadnezzar a very proud king
Noah builds a big boat
On the road to Emmaus
One hundred sheep
Parable of the lost coin
Paul and Silas sing in jail
Paul and the snake
Paul is shipwrecked
Peter and the Rooster
Peter escapes from prison
Peter walks on the water
Prodigal Son
Put on God's armour
Rachel hides Laban's idols
Ruth and Boaz
Ruth and Naomi
Samson and Delilah
Saul Of Tarsus Escapes
Saul sees the light
Shadrach Meshach and Abednego
The Angels' Good News
The boy shares his lunch
The Farmer and the Seed
The fruit of the Spirit
The good Samaritan
The Good Worker
The Holy Spirit comes
The Lord is a good shepherd
The Passover
The silly greedy farmer
The story of Easter
The Thief on the Cross
The two builders
The Wise Men look for a baby King
Thomas needed to see
Timothy loves God
Two blind men
Two small coins for God
Washing feet
When Jesus was 8 days old
Zacharias can't talk



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